Friday, June 25, 2010

Splish splash

Sooo.....  Does sprinting 50 yards from the grocery store to the car in hard driving rain count as speed work?  Either way, I had fun, while other people were huddled near the store doorway, not interested in getting wet. I didn't care... I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN!!!  It was pouring hard, with wind blowing, as I ran through the parking lot pushing the mini-cart. I opened my trunk and loaded the four bags of groceries. I took this photo when I got home. In the 1-2 minutes that it took me to plop the four bags into the trunk, the rain soaked the interior, blowing in 3-5 feet to cover the back seat with rain droplets.

It reminded me of a time several years ago, when Kyra and I got caught in the rain leaving the grocery store. We skipped/splashed through the parking lot to the car as the rain pounded down on us. What a fun memory!!!  Run for fun too!

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