Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mister grinch or the monsters

I planned to go for an easy 3 mile run this morning. I want to get in the habit of early morning runs and from what I've read, if you repeat the desired behavior for three weeks it will become a habit. So I thought I would start today...  The dogs woke me up, I changed clothes, drank chocolate milk, and left the house at 6:40 a.m. Kyra's alarm clock was set for 7 a.m. and I left her a note by the clock saying that I was running in the neighborhood and had my phone.

It started out great! I felt awesome! I passed Kimberly going in the opposite direction and waved, and thought shortly afterwards that I should have turned around and run with her, but the thought came too late... I continued on my planned path... Then I heard the familiar ring-tone interrupting the song that was playing on my iPhone. It was Kyra and she was very scared... She said the dogs were barking in the dining room and then came running into the bedroom, shaking, waking her up.  She was afraid that an intruder was in the house. I reassured her that they were probably barking at someone walking in the neighborhood or the cat, but she was terrified so I told her I was turning my run around and heading straight home. I let her know that it was me that was about to open the garage door. I entered the house to find it exactly as I had left it. No one had come inside. I found her locked in my bedroom; she unlocked the bedroom door for me and still had her cell phone in her had. Then I continued walking through the house, looking in all the closets and under the furniture to reassure her.

Many years ago I made the mistake of taking her to see the movie "Grinch" when she was, in hindsight, too young. Every night since then, she asks me at bed time "Are Mr. Grinch or the monsters coming?"  To which my response is always "no".

Oh well...  Some run is better than none, right?

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