Saturday, June 26, 2010


I enjoyed running with Mark (a.k.a. bamarunner) this morning at Stone Mountain until my plantar fasciitis pain increased. I was low on energy as well. Goal was 10 miles, but I let him finish without me. I stopped running at about 4 miles and sent him on ahead. This just wasn't my morning and I didn't want to make my foot any worse than it already is. I switched from the road to the trail when I decided to end my run. I walked back to the parking lot along the trail. I was amazed at the huge tree that had fallen and was cut. Wow, it was massive!  A "K" was carved into the cut end. When I looked at it, I saw "OK" with the "O" being the tree ring. I knew then that I had made the right decision to halt the run and walk through the trail. My foot will eventually be OK.

Back at the parking lot, I didn't have ice, but decided the next best thing would be to buy a cold coke from a vending machine. I sat and rolled my foot on it until Mark finished. It didn't stay cold for long, but I'm guessing it was better than nothing. And better yet, it sparked random conversations with people walking past.

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