Wednesday, June 23, 2010

giddy up

I was supposed to run a mile warm-up, 6 repeats of 3 minutes at 10 minutes/mile with 2 minutes recovery jog between, then a mile cool down. My tummy felt woozie before bed last night, and also this morning, but I decided to try to run anyway. I made it through the 5th interval and then had to do a massive sprint to the bathroom. Decided to call it quits, shower, and get ready to leave. My sister's 40th birthday is on Friday and she asked us to go visit her today (her day off work) to celebrate and go horse riding. My niece has never ridden a horse other than at a birthday party, and she wanted her first experience to be with us... so sweet! Since the kids haven't seen each other in six months, I agreed to take a vacation day for a visit. Pictured are Katie (my niece, on horse in front), Laura (my sister on horse) and Kyra (my daughter, standing).

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