Saturday, July 18, 2009

2 miles at the beach

I had packed 3 sets of running outfits for our beach trip with the intention of running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It didn't happen yesterday and it won't happen again tomorrow. My daughter's friend came with us to the beach. I asked the girls if it would be okay with them for me to go for a 30-minute run before breakfast and told them they could watch TV or play their Nintendo DS's in the room. They were okay with this and so I changed into running clothes. I told them I would have my phone with me if they needed to contact me. I was eager to run on the beach. But the sand was very soft. I couldn't find any hard-packed sand like I've found in Wilmington, NC. I ran along the sand for a little while, but realized it just wasn't working for me. So at a public beach entrance, I left the beach for the sidewalk. My shins were hurting already and the sidewalk didn't help. So at 1 mile I turned around and headed back towards the hotel. When I got back to the public beach entrance, I returned to the beach and mostly walked back to the hotel. I sent a text message to my daughter, after she didn't answer her cell phone, to let her know I would be 10 minutes later than planned. As I said, my shins are still hurting. So I think I'm just going to take a few more days off running, enjoy my vacation, and hopefully come back refreshed next week.

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