Friday, July 31, 2009

a little bit further with the pups

The dogs were still going strong at 1 mile yesterday so I decided to add a few cul-de-sacs with them this morning for a total of 1.44 miles. They started slowing down around the 1-mile mark, but only to the point of not dragging me down the street. At about the 1-mile mark the leash began to slacken but they kept going strong. I dropped them off at home and then intended to go back out for a few more miles, but after a short distance I realized what time it was and thought that a program I liked was on now. So I went inside and jumped on the treadmill. But a half-mile into it, I needed to use the bathroom. Upset stomach. So I called it quits. So much for my 4-mile goal...

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