Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stone Mountain Trail + Ice Bath

My shins and right knee were still sore this morning so I decided to run this evening instead of early. I went to Stone Mountain and decided to run on trails instead of the roads in hopes it would be easier on my sore legs/knee. When I arrived at the parking lot near a trail entrance, I was greeted by these seven lovely ducks. How cool! Too bad I didn't have any food to share with them :-( After saying hello to the duckies, I explored a trail around Venable Lake. The orange connecting trail had lots of roots and rocks so I had to be slow and careful. The white"Confederate" trail was better, but hilly. I enjoyed running around the lake and seeing the cool little waterfalls. It was fun manuevering over the small creeks on stepping stones so my shoes didn't get wet. I passed several people walking or running with their dogs and wished I had brought Riley and/or Tasha with me. I definitely will next time! My training schedule called for 5 miles, but it took me longer to cover 4 miles on the trails than it would have to cover 5 miles on the road, so I called it quits when I made it back to the parking lot. My shins/knee still hurt afterwards so I went home and was ready for my first ever ice bath. I've heard ice baths are great after long runs and speed the recovery. I didn't do a long run, by my shins/knee have been hurting for over a week and seem to be getting worse. I'm desperate for the pain to end so I don't have to sacrifice my training too much. So, I filled the tub with cold water, brought the ice container from the freezer into the bathroom, got in the tub still in my running skirt, then added the ice slowly at first and then just dumped the last half in all at once. I sat in the icy cold water for 20 minutes. It was breathtaking at first, but it worked! My legs felt so much better afterwards.

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