Friday, July 10, 2009

Adidas Supernova

This morning while driving to work I listened to a Runners Roundtable Podcast. In this episode they were talking about running shoes and how important it is to wear a shoe that is the best for your foot type. I remember when I recently picked up a pair of Zoom Elite's from Big Peach Running Company that the sales guy suggested that I come in at another time and be fitted for a more durable shoe for marathon training. He said the Zoom Elite is great, but it's light-weight and meant more for speed work or shorter distances. So after listening to this podcast and having my shins/knee still feel sore (but better after the ice bath), I decided to go to Big Peach Running Company in Decatur after work. They video taped me running on the treadmill in a neutral shoe (Asics Cumulus) and he showed me how I slightly overpronate. I told him before I put the shoe on that I have a pair of those same shoes at home and they're not working for me. And the video showed me why... So he brought out four different pairs of shoes in my size. I first tried on an Adidas Supernova Sequence. It fit my foot like a glove and felt very comfy. Loved it. Next I tried on Nike Zoom Structure Triax 12, which also fit my feet perfectly and felt very comfy. Loved them too. Third was a pair of Brooks which felt too stiff. Lastly was a pair of Asics Gel Keyano, which were okay, but not nearly as comfy as the first two pair I had tried on. So then came the hard part... which shoe to buy? We realized that I really needed a half-size larger shoe than what I had been trying on. He brought out a 9 in the Adidas, but didn't have a 9 in the Nike. I ran with Adidas on one foot and Nike on the other. The Adidas slipped on my left heel a little, but the Nike felt a little heavier. He showed me a different way of lacing the shoe to prevent the heel slip and it worked. It was a tough decision, but I went with the Adidas in the end because it was a little lighter and they had the right size in stock. I'll probably buy a pair of Triax in the near future to use in rotation with the Adidas since I've heard it prolongs the shoes life if you rotate pairs. I've never owned/run in Adidas running shoes, but here's hoping they're as comfortable on long runs as they were in the store.

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