Monday, July 6, 2009

5-mile loop at Stone Mountain

My original plan was to get up early and run 5 miles, but I didn't feel so good when I woke up so I reset the alarm clock and decided that I would run later in the day instead. After talking to Ty, I went to Stone Mountain to run my scheduled 5 miles. I was feeling better in the afternoon, but I totally bonked at mile 3. Unfortunately, I hadn't brought any fuel along, only water. I ended up walking a good bit of the last mile. I convinced myself that I had had two great runs prior to this one, so it was okay to have a bad run. I soothed my soul by having pizza at Bambinelli's afterwards. At least I brought home most of it! At bed time, I took the dogs out for one last potty break. And while standing there at the basement door waiting on them, I looked out into the yard and saw one of the couch pillows in the yard. RILEY!!! BAD DOG!!!

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